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    Zapisz Zapisz

    About me

    LIFESTYLER For the past decade, I have been helping people navigate the complexities of life, build the confidence they needed to reach their goals, and discover life-affirming transformations. Whether it was my time spent as a therapist or an educator, I have always seemed to see a common reoccurring theme of people simply struggling with how to live their life. I also realized, I too was looking for some sort of guide book, insight, or just a few tips on how to survive daily in a society full of pressures. As I began to examine my own life transitions, I learned a few things along the way about myself. I realized that I was “performing” and was a “performer” in my own life. What I mean by performing is that every day I did what I thought I needed to do or be, to be someone that I truly did not want to be. I was that person because it was more acceptable and easier in my reality. And needless to say, I was a pretty successful performer in my own life. I reached most of the basic societal measures of success even went on to obtained my doctorates. However, found myself unhappy and unsatisfied with how I “styled” my life to be something temporarily fulfilling; dwelling at a surface satisfactory level. The only way I could reach my full excellence was to delve deeper. I started to ask myself some hard questions, and began stepping out there and fully embracing who I am and what life had to offer me; all while being the bravest I could be an unknown place. Along the way, I was hoping to google all the answers to life but was unable to find what I need. But I did manage to learn some very important key components to styling my life the I wanted to live which required: • A willingness and a commitment to understanding self. • To honor your current space and where you are in your life journey. • Show compassion towards yourself and others. • Open yourself to be gainfully aware of the world and what life is trying to teach. Now this is what I have branded as, styling for your life. Some essential tools and key components on how you can create, live, style, & balance a life you want while living in your current reality. The relaunch of my blog is simply an outward expression of me putting all those components a learned into place and sharing them. Never did I expect a fashion centered blog that I started over 8 years to transition into a platform that displays my passion for guiding and motivating others to find success in their journey through my shared thoughts and experiences. This world can be a complicated place with a lot of obstacles and challenges. Being able to share my own challenges has been a truly empowering experience. And I look forward to extending my experiences through my work as a blogger, speaker, and mindful global citizen. In doing so I will address areas of leadership, mentorship, culture coping, goal guiding, mindful living, soul-feeding, and life-styling. Today, I’m pursuing a very big part of my dream by styling my life in a way that fully allows me to function in purpose. Hopefully you gain the clarity, constancy, motivation, and confidence you need to be a styler (life-styler) of your own life. Let the Styling for your life begin!  

    “Style your life the way you want to live.”




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