About SFYL


About SFYL: STYLING FOR YOUR LIFE serves as an online platform to guide and motivate others to find authenticity and freedom on their journey to living their best lives through shared thoughts and experiences. SFYL provides content that resonates with the woman looking to find her true self.

Our readers can expect to find content that focuses on fashion and style; various paths to spirituality; career development and entrepreneurship; health and wellness and traveling.

STYLING FOR YOUR LIFE serves as a constant source of inspiration to empower readers through the lulls and stumbling blocks of life while championing women to achieve milestones and celebrate wins. With a healthy dose of humor to make light of life’s heavy moments, our content examines life from all sides to make the best of every situation.

We’re here to provide the tools needed to conquer life and center yourself to continue the journey to a healthier, happier, savvier, more successful you.

STYLING FOR YOUR LIFE is focused on providing women of color with a safe place to CREATE. LIVE. STYLE. BALANCE.


To inspire and support a transformational lifestyle change.


STYLING FOR YOUR LIFE has seven core values:

1. Self-care: Commitment to taking care of yourself and putting yourself first

2. Empowerment: Encouraging yourself and others to do the best and be the best

3. Purpose-driven: Finding and operating in your life’s intention

4. Accountability: Creating standards and holding yourself and others to them

5. Pursuit of Growth and Development: The constant quest for self-improvement

6. Authenticity: Finding and connecting with your true self

7. Self-discovery: Discovering exactly what passions, truths and goals are true to you

Focused on the journey to fulfillment through introspection and self-discovery,

Querida Lugo