The Benefits of Practicing Reiki

The natural healing technique of Reiki is gaining popularity both as an alternative to contemporary medicine and as a supplementary regime. As a vessel through which energy flows, a Reiki practitioner assists clients to find balance between their Auras (energy fields) and Chakras (energy centers). Ultimately, this ancient Japanese practice can be used to attain mental, spiritual, physical and emotional Health & Wellness. While there are many reasons why an individual’s life force can be weak, the role of a Reiki healer is to facilitate energy transfer into a patient so that their life force is strengthened. The following are the direct benefits of practicing Reiki;


Balanced thoughts and emotions

It is easy to lose focus of the important aspects of life owing to the constant pressures of everyday living. When one gets to a point where normal life routine is characterized by negative emotions, mood swings and strained personal relationships, Reiki can be used in place of anti- anxiety and anti- depression medication. Regular Reiki treatment sessions help to clear the mind and this brings about a state of internal balance which relieves stress. Being free of stress helps people to be more aware of their spirituality and this leads to personal growth.


Physical healing

As a natural healing technique, it is quite normal that most people give it a try as a last treatment option for stubborn physical conditions. By allowing the life force to flow freely through the body, the immune system is boosted. A strong immune system is able to wade off disease and at the same time create a strong defense against disease before it enters the body. Some of the health conditions that can be successfully treated using Reiki are asthma, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, fatigue and recovery after surgery. In the case of cancer, Reiki is used to relieve the side effects associated with chemo and radio therapies.


Align the Chakras

Getting therapy does not necessarily need to happen when there is a preexisting medical condition. The body is constituted of energy centers called Chakras which have a direct effect on the emotions and organ functioning. Reiki is one of the effective ways in which the connection between the various energy centers can be enhanced through mindfulness.

Reiki thrives in an atmosphere of cooperation based on the belief that every human being is interconnected and hence energy must flow freely in harmony. Through meditation, a Reiki practitioner attracts specific energy forms and there is therefore no room for competition.

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