How To Find And Define Your Personal Style

You may be wondering what exactly “personal style” means. Though the word extends far beyond clothes, we’ll be referring to it in the context of fashion. Personal style is simply an artistic expression of yourself and your personality through appearance.

Each and every one of us is unique. We all have our own opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Thus, it’s important you find your personal fashion style, to create that distinctive look.

Creating your personal style is one way you show people who you really are, it’s more like creating your own brand. The clothes you wear tell a lot about your personality. You should create a look that is true about you; this attracts the people and attention that you want. Trends will always go in and out, but your own personal style is something that endures over time and defies even the latest fad.

Some tips on how to find and define your personal style:

Despite the fact that everyone has a personal style, not everybody knows how to express it. Think of the ideal you. Combine your taste, interest, lifestyle, desires, aspiration, inspirations and history together.

After that, try thinking of a term that you would use to describe yourself to someone who does not know you or better still think of how you would like others to describe you. For example, are you Romantic? Conservative? Direct? Outgoing? I call these your “style words.”

If you are particularly romantic, you will probably see yourself getting drawn to ultra-feminine, tailored blouses and other items that have beading, delicate lace, and handwork.

Now, take a close look at your clothes. Do they match your “style words” and your personality? If so, you have now defined your personal style. But if not, you might need to follow the next step. Go through magazines such as Elle, Lucky, InStyle, Marie Clare, Harper’s Bazaar and even department store catalogs. Tick or just take note of clothes and outfits that appeal to you. Now, using your “style words” from above, check if the clothes you like matchup those words or your personality. Again, you could go to the store, try on some clothes that you think align with your personality. With all these, you’ll gradually begin to see how to make clothing choices that fit who you are.

By just knowing what works for you, will make your morning “what to wear” decision easy and fun. It will also increase your feelings of confidence as you show the world who you truly are. Having your own personal style allows you to set the trends among your friends.

Remember always to have fun personalizing your unique look. And never be afraid to experiment a little and to be creative.

Every woman deserves to look Fashionable, Stylish and Confident. Are you ready to be “The Stylish You”?