9 Things you can do to Maximize Your Day

Everyone has an equal number of hours in their day yet we still have people who appear to be exceptional in terms of performance and achievement. Success is the one thing that everyone craves for regardless of their abilities and studies show that a bit of restructuring of one’s daily routine could boost energy, self-control and ultimately influence performance. Most people maximize their day’s productivity by disregarding the opportunity to live another day which works for them; here are 9 things that help in boosting performance;

  1. Exercise – exercising in the middle of the day boosts energy levels and clears the mind of negative thoughts. Exercise in general offers the body control over itself which leads to making the right decisions.
  2. Appreciate nature – do you live in an area near where birds live, a river flows through or there is a forest? Take time each morning to marvel at the beauty of nature-it may be just what you need to go through your day on a positive note.
  3. Take a real breakfast – eating breakfast as opposed to skipping it keeps you healthy and productive all day long. A balanced meal for breakfast enhances short term memory and improves concentration.
  4. Practice goal-setting – having goals to work towards increases ones confidence and saves time. A goal must be achievable for it to be productive so defining how to accomplish a task is as important as committing to complete a task.
  5. Maintain cleanliness – if working from home, clean the house and take a shower before settling for wok. In an office, de-clutter your work area and make sure all dirt has been removed. A clean work area improves concentration.
  6. Do one task at a time – while some people appear to do well when multitasking, it should be completely avoided. Doing one task at a time helps to work on structured goals and keeps the mind focused on the results of a single task.
  7. Create a to-do-list – apart from listing the day’s tasks in order of priority, a to-do-list divides up the day into portions that one must live through before moving to the next. Most people who have mastered the art of time management used a to-do-list to get there.
  8. Delegate – when you have a lot to do for the day, you have the option to either overwork or ask for help. Delegating helps to complete tasks within their timeframe as well as maintain personal sanity.
  9. Say NO – when planning your day, decide which tasks you will take and which ones you will not manage. It is better to turn down work than to end up not doing it because you had something else to do.

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