Be A Light!

Be the light of your day! Daily we have to combat the storylines that we create in our own minds; the can’ts, the won’ts, the should’ve, the could’ve, the whole negative narrative before we even rise from our bed, to our feet.

Even on cloudy days there is light beyond clouds but if we choose to see only gray clouds then we will be as those clouds; a person who relishes in the dark, mundane, billowing shades of gray. Oh but if we stare beyond those clouds and realize, for there to be clouds there must be a sky and for there to be a sky, there must be other things in that sky that we just can not see right now but we surely can imagine and hope for. We even have the power to actually see, if we choose to. And if you stare and still feel you can not see past the clouds ☁️, then choose to tap into your own light, choose to be that light, and shine so bright that you don’t even notice the gray clouds because your light became the sun! You have light power, you know! You are made from light and source energy; you simply have to tap in, plug in 🔌, and turn on! Shine bright! You are the light!

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