Fear is Real and has Power

We all have our fears—those who say they fear nothing are hiding from theirs.  Fear is the greatest tool of control in society.  Fear allows our emotions to take control of us and abandon all rational thought.  It is this same fear that can motivate others and become more successful than they could ever become without it.  It is about taking control of your fears and using it to your advantage, rather than running away from them and avoiding situations that force us to confront our fears.

How to Leverage Fear

The first thing you should do is have an honest talk with yourself about what you will be missing out on if you do not face your fears.  Imagine the opportunities you may miss if you allow your fear to win over you.  What do you have to lose by fighting your fears?  Afraid of embarrassment?  Afraid of public failure?  These are only things that matter in your head.  Laughter and ridicule mean nothing and will only make victory even sweeter when you succeed.

Don’t Make Excuses

Who cares if it takes longer to accomplish your goals than you originally wanted?  Don’t allow excuses to justify your avoidance of confronting your fears.  Don’t make the excuse of not having enough time to achieve something if you haven’t even attempted it yet.  Don’t tell yourself that something is out of your league when you encounter a few setbacks or failures.  Nobody was born perfect at everything they do.  You can’t learn unless you fail and make mistakes.

Slow and Steady

Individuals regularly abandon what they need since they trust that achieving their objective is past their capacities. Be that as it may, the best individuals encourage a development mentality. They don’t think about their capacities as static, yet rather as adaptable. What’s more, when confronted with a misfortune, they invest more energy. They receive another lesson. They continue looking for an answer.

Embrace Fear

The most agonizing encounters can help refine what you need, and what you don’t need in life. Disappointment, disillusionment, deadlocks — these can all be utilized as a methods for reflecting and saying, “It didn’t work. It wasn’t the correct time. So what do I need next?” Remember, we are supposed to adjust. So grasp this quality and utilize each involvement as an instrument to help you take in more about yourself and what you truly should have in life.

Humble Yourself

You will come up short. It’s simply how life works. Any leader will reveal to you that. Be that as it may, disappointment offers bits of knowledge and naturally rectifies the defective methods for moving toward an issue. There is no instructor as impactful as falling flat on your butt. What’s more, no lesson in versatility is more powerful than conquering fear. However, in the event that you utilize these encounters as interesting experiences, and modify your system and approach to fear, you will have the recipe to unlimited growth in life.


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