Flashback Friday






Photo Credit: Reese Bland  As I reflect on my past I realize there were plenty of moments where I looked the part of being fearless and happy when in actuality felt the complete opposite. Sometimes I would even muster up the courage to tell people I’m scared to do this or that and they would say, “What? You scared, yea right.” Or “You never look like you are scared of anything, you always come off so confident.” As if I were some superhuman that repelled fear without a near thought of disappointment. Only if they could see what it took me each day to even get up and walk out the door. Or the many self talks I had to do in the bathroom. Or being so fearful of BEING that I would nearly get sick to the point of throwing up.




I was just simply scared to BE! *Random fact I have BE tattooed on my wrist to serve as reminder to simply BE!

I came to realize this has been holding me back and I dedicated a whole year on the theme of FEAR. Every time I felt like fear was holding me back I channeled my 4 year old self and just said “WHY” over and over and over again until the point that I understood the why. This helped me address the root issue and change the behavior.

Simply ask yourself WHY and then address the why!


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