Perspective Taking

Perspective taking! As I have become older my perspective has changed and I can even say it has been coupled with the great benefactor of wisdom. I have began to explore, accept, and consider other perspectives and gain insight through what I call the 3Rs: Relationships, Reality, and Root! Using this method has made me really understand the impact of my choices and decision making through perspective taking or what can be deemed as The Butterfly Effect 🦋 if you will.

My 3Rs:

R-Relationship: The relationships you engage in are very telling to who you are and what you need. They also are helpful in guiding and directing your path of understanding. They can help you see things you might have never seen, help refine who you are or perhaps find who you are!

R-Reality: It allows you to be present with all your decisions and choices; examine your current state and take it all in.

R-Root: The exploration of the root cause. The call to question of what has caused you to act, behave, react, do, perform in this manner? What has lead you to now?

Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure our voices are hear, our thoughts are honored, and others understand how we feel that we don’t even take in consideration their perspective is not a substitute for our voice, thoughts, or feelings but perhaps just another way of invoking thought from a new perspective that we have yet to be enlightened on while also complimenting and contrasting our current thought patterns.


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